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Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection

Contact us today to find a vehicle inspection program perfect for you, for where you are. No matter which province you’re in, Beep is wherever you are!

Vehicle inspection & diagnostic are different

A vehicle inspection is different than a diagnostic. People get a diagnostic scan done on their car all the time to assess problems, and to conduct regular, ongoing maintenance that can easily occur during usual vehicle use. A vehicle inspection is usually only conducted during a significant juncture in the ownership of the vehicle and is therefore usually less frequent than a diagnostic. The primary difference between a diagnostic and an inspection is that inspections are usually mandated by a governing body for safety purposes, or insurance company for financial reasons, whereas diagnostics are usually requested by the automobile owner.

Do I need a vehicle inspection?

Each Canadian province varies slightly, but there are some general guidelines that can help you determine when you need to get a vehicle inspection. First, a vehicle inspection can help you determine the value and condition of a used vehicle. This is helpful when you are buying a vehicle with an unknown history and you want to be sure of its roadworthiness. Vehicle inspections can also be beneficial for selling a vehicle so you can objectively validate its excellent condition. Vehicle inspections are perhaps most commonly conducted for insurance purposes, but this varies from province to province.

What is a vehicle inspection?

A vehicle inspection is – in some ways – as straightforward as it sounds. It includes a systematic inspection of your vehicle, a test drive, and a report on various aspects of the vehicle’s condition. As the driver, you’ll receive the report and it is typically the most valuable part of the inspection as it serves to objectively validate the condition of the vehicle.

Who can conduct a vehicle inspection?

Depending on the province, there are various standards and qualifications required for a technician or automatic shop to be able to conduct an inspection. It’s not uncommon for auto shops and technicians to have to complete special facility training and inspector courses, as well as maintain various licenses and legal statuses. Sometimes there are even a variety of tools that are required on-site in order to qualify. By ensuring a rigorous standard, provinces are doing their best to ensure that inspections being conducted are accurate for the highest possible safety for drivers on Canada’s roads.

What is a vehicle inspection program?

In Canada, each province has its own vehicle inspection program. The purpose of these programs is to identify and remove any vehicle that is deemed unsafe according to a pre-determined set of standards. These programs exist to reduce collisions – which often result in injury or death – and increase safety on Canada’s roads. Vehicle inspection programs include all kinds of highway vehicles and are usually associated with various laws and acts that have been passed in the province regarding automobile safety.

Where should I get a vehicle inspection?

Beep makes it easy to see where you can get your vehicle inspected. Our online marketplace lists service providers closest to you, with trust ratings and guaranteed fixed prices. Whether you are bringing a car into a new province, needing insurance, or buying or selling a used vehicle, make an informed decision by getting a vehicle inspection completed. Whatever your inspection needs are, book with Beep.

Are there differences between provinces? 

Each province has different policies and standards around vehicle inspections. One of the most significant differences involves insurance. In some provinces, insurance is privatized whereas in other provinces it is provincially standardized. To find more information about vehicle inspections in your province, or to get in contact with someone who can answer more of your questions, click one of the following links: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland.

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