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Brake Service

Brake Service

Beep offers multiple providers to fix brakes – repair service providers who inspect and replace only the necessary parts of your braking system. No surprises.

The braking system is perhaps the most critical safety process in your vehicle. Regular maintenance and prompt brake repair will mean that any brake problem- whether it is with the brake pads, brake shoes or any other piece of hardware or component part- is quickly solved.

As the driver, all you get to see and feel is your foot applying pressure on the brake pedal. What you don’t see are all the fluids under pressure that travel down hoses and into cylinders and other parts, creating pressure on braking pads, which in turn cause friction as they squeeze the rotor of your wheel which ultimately- if all is working optimally- brings your tires to a safe and quick stop. Of course, that is simplifying it, but even in its simple form, brake systems have a lot going on- and a lot that can go wrong.

When Do I need brake Service?

It is wise to get your brakes checked once a year by a qualified brake technician who can provide repair services that you can put your life on as, in fact, you do when it’s brakes we are talking about. A proper brake repair will take disassemble the braking system’s component parts, clean and inspect them, and recommend replacement, where needed. By disassembling each wheel, the mechanic can see the condition of all parts. For example, the inner brake pads won’t be seen by a simple inspection. Trouble with inner brake pads, even if the outer ones don’t have excessive wear, could lead to costly brake caliper trouble.

As one of many systems in your vehicle, the braking system has parts that are made to wear out. It’s important that your mechanic stays on top of how worn these parts are. Brake shoes, drums, rotors, and even a braking pad are all meant to bear loads of friction that, eventually, cause their demise. It is unavoidable; you will have to replace them.

Chiefly, it’s usually braking noise that brings drivers in for repair services. Brake noise catches our attention, doesn’t it?

Over the last decades, braking technology has given rise to a wide variety of components, performance and safety features- like ABS or Brake Assist. But when that squealing or grinding begins, it means that something is awry in your braking system.

Bringing your car in for brake repairs, may mean that:

  • a braking pad (or more than one!) is too worn to guarantee safety. The squealing noise is often metal on metal. Many brake pads now have a metallic wear indicator, which makes noise against the rotor, warning you to replace the pads.
  • brake specialists will tell you that sometimes, the rotors themselves  (a rotor is basically the rotating assembly that makes your tire go around) are damaged when brake pads aren’t well-maintained, leading to another costly rotor repair to either get it resurfaced or to replace it.
  • a quick inspection and cleaning of the braking system’s all that’s needed, to get rid of dust, gravel, dirt or rust
  • some of the brake hardware needs to be replaced, whether you have disc or drum brakes
  • lubrication and brake fluids need a redo or a refill.

Make safety a high priority and book Brake Service with Beep today. One of our certified, warranty-approved technicians can inspect any and all braking systems along with top-notch customer care. They’ll repair damaged parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Maybe you’ve been stopped at a red light, when the car next to you grinds or screeches to a halt and you think to yourself, “Wow, I’m glad that’s not me.”  But one day, it might be. When it is, we’ll help you find a convenient and friendly brake service provider and book your appointment within minutes!

If you are having brake trouble right now, don’t waste another minute. Contact Beep today and get in touch with providers of fast, reliable auto repair services!

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