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Battery Boost & Replacement

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Don’t waste time finding quotes, convenient hours or cheap rates; we’ve done it for you. In only a few moments, help for your battery boost trouble is on the way.

You’ve been there— key is in the ignition and a mumbled prayer is spoken under your breath, admitting that you left your lights on all night, “Please start.” The engine turns over… once… twice. Then nothing.

Battery Lifespan

Generally, a car battery is meant to last anywhere from 3- 5 years. Of course, the lifespan of car batteries is based on a few factors:

  • complete and proper installation of the battery
  • the climate in which a vehicle exists
  • frequency of vehicle use- Is it parked often? Driven every day?
  • how the car is driven (i.e. driving habits, lots of short trips)
  • proper maintenance and service of the vehicle and the battery

Did you know that a cold climate can actually help to lengthen the life of car batteries? A hot climate does the opposite. This is due to how temperature affects the chemical reactions inside the battery. Heat causes more water loss, and faster chemical reactions, which cause more corrosion and heat distortion. Cold, on the other hand, slows things down- enough so that it takes a little “more” for your engine to get going on a cold day.

When you look at your car’s battery, all you generally see are the terminals. Battery technology is actually an intricate process of electricity flowing through metal and electrolyte solution; chemical energy becoming electrical energy. Overlapping metallic plates compose a grid that electrons make their way through and between- in both directions- so that your car’s battery can both generate electricity (like when it provides the power for your engine to start in the first place) and accumulate or store energy (in the form of the chemical energy inside the battery) until it is needed by the car.

Your car battery is, essentially, for the storage of electricity for future use. The electricity comes from the alternator, and enters via the negative battery terminal.  The battery serves 3 main roles: to provide electricity to start the engine, to supply extra load in case the alternator can’t keep up to the car’s demand, and to act as a dampener/stabilizer for the whole electric system of your vehicle.

Wondering if it’s time for a new battery?

Well, you’d know it is if any of these apply to you:

  1. The engine turns over but just won’t ‘catch.’
  2. A smelly battery. It’s true! This smell is the sulphuric acid leaking out. It will cause corrosion that leaves a powder on the battery terminal. You can wipe this clean yourself, but eventually, enough corrosion will prevent your car from starting.
  3. Check Engine Light comes on… always pay attention to this. Get your battery checked if it’s more than 3 years old- for charge and for battery fluid level.
  4. A misshapen battery case. If heat can do this to the plastic around your battery, it’s likely wreaked some havoc inside, too.  

It’s a great idea to pamper car batteries a little. Clean the battery posts and terminals with a cloth, to get rid of that white powdery stuff. The contact will be far more effective. Keep your engine serviced, too. An engine that runs poorly will demand more from a car’s battery. If you notice your headlights are dimmer than usual, have your battery tested.

Is it time for a battery replacement? Car rescue is moments away when you have the Beep app. Instantly, find a close, convenient and affordable provider to deliver and install the specific new battery that your vehicle needs, so that you be on your way. Plus, 95% of that old battery can be recycled, and our providers will make sure that happens.

Don’t worry. Don’t panic. Let Beep help you find someone who knows batteries, vehicles and customer care. Any of our warranty-approved providers will be happy to get you up and running as soon as they can.

Whether you’ve left your lights on, haven’t used your vehicle in a long time, or the cold or hot weather has simply taken its toll, batteries go dead. We’ve got you covered. Get a battery boost, or a brand-new battery, from a warranty-approved Beep jump start provider and be on your way in no time!

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